The Sounds of South Arlington

Jun 7, 2021sounds

Music lives deep in the DNA of APC. This extends into the community and to our partners at Gilliam Place. Between APC, APAH, Our Stomping Ground, and La Cocina we work together to support each other and the residents of Gilliam Place. This has been especially true over this last year during the pandemic.

In the summer of 2020, unemployment for musicians skyrocketed. Many local musicians lost their livelihood as concerts were canceled. Listening to our community, we responded by setting up a virtual performance that offered a high paying gig to help. 

While God is far greater than our understanding, it is through music that we can live within the unknown, learn more about the theology we believe and claim, and lean into living out those beliefs.

Abby Madden, Minister of Music 

Not only did this provide a venue for our local musicians, but it also helped Gilliam Place as well. Our concert served as a fundraiser for the Resident Emergency Fund set up by APAH, helping many Gilliam Place residents with rent assistance in their time of need.

As it looked like the pandemic was going to continue, we looked for additional ways to help South Arlington musicians. Thus, Tuesday Tunes was born. In the summer and fall of 2020, we were able to provide additional community connections through virtual visits from local musicians. It became a time of respite and calm as the community struggled with the anxiety and isolation of the pandemic.

We see music as a way to connect. It connects us to God, to one another, and to our community. It connects us to one another. Abby Madden, our Minister of Music, describes her work as “the privilege of finding the sounds, timbres, words, and dynamic values that help connect APC to the movement of the Spirit and to the community.” She sees the power of music as a way to organize in communities. She builds relationships through one-to-ones with local musicians as she seeks to share and shape the evolving sound of South Arlington.

Music, as part of APC’s DNA, helps us find words that speak to the unknown. It’s a way for us to connect our theology and beliefs so that our faith moves with authenticity. As the summer of 2021 opens new doors, including a return to worship, we’ll continue to connect the sounds of APC to the larger community. 

We’ve planned a second virtual garden concert, and we look forward to how the Spirit continues to shape our community through sound.