chapter 1: first steps

Welcome to the first chapter of our story. It took close to ten years from the time we discerned the Spirit to completed development. Truthfully, our story is still going strong and the lessons we learned along the way continue to shape our future.

chapter 2: new beginnings

After hearing ‘no’ to affordable housing, we decided to step back and regroup. To do this we started the PC(USA)’s New Beginnings process. This gave us a moment to reflect, breathe, talk, and decide what our next steps might look like.

chapter 3: visioning

Welcome to the third chapter of our story. Following the New Beginnings process we worked with a coach to help us develop a vision for APC as a partner in our South Arlington Community. These are our stories beginning in the late spring of 2012 until we made the decision together to build affordable housing.

chapter 4: the development process

You might be tempted to skip straight to this section. Fair warning, you’ll miss much of the heart in our story if you do. The stories in this section highlight three things that intersected with our redevelopment: systems, symbols, and Spirit.

chapter 5: APC today

We’ll be writing these stories soon, mainly because they’re still being written. We’re excited to share who we are and how we continue to serve in Arlington, Virginia. Stay tuned for more stories about how we continue to grow in faith with the Spirit.

development timeline

For those interested in a simple timeline that follows our discernment and development process, look no further. We’ve done our best to record significant events in the life of church as we built affordable housing in Arlington, Virginia.