• October – Session had a retreat resulting in a shared vision to use our property for affordable housing.

  • February – Idea presented to the congregation at the Annual Meeting, discussions ensued.
  • September – The congregation defers pursuing proposed vision in favor of the New Beginnings process.


  • January – New Beginnings process begins with training of leaders in Appreciative Inquiry. House meetings begin shortly thereafter.

  • July – New Beginnings completed and reports presented.
  • September – Session agrees to pursue Mission Redefinition. 


  • April – Shannon Kiser, New Church Development Coach, meets with Session.
  • May – Kick-off retreat with Shannon Kiser and interested congregational members resulting in the formation of the Vision Team.

  • August – The Vision Team shares stories of our community encounters with the congregation.
  • December – Conversation between congregation and other partners begins regarding our proposed plan.


  • February – Vision Team presents its final report to Session. A recommendation to move forward with the proposed redevelopment.
  • April-June APAH conducts Feasibility Study including biweekly meetings between APAH and APC affordable housing team.
  • June – APC and APAH present proposed development to the Administrative Commission on Congregational Property (ACCP) of the National Capital Presbytery (NCP).
  • July – APC submits package to the ACCP requesting approval of a Predevelopment Agreement. ACCP concludes it does not have authority to approve predevelopment agreement but “enthusiastically endorses” the project.
  • October – APC and APAH submit a Request for Action regarding further planning for redevelopment. We created a package of materials to help ACCP understand our process and incorporate the guidance of the ACCP and its attorneys to focus our planning and due diligence.
  • October – ACCP declines the package and asks that we resubmit with draft documents, independent appraisal, and other procedural items by November 2013.
  • November – APC Congregation votes 34-19 in favor of moving forward with redevelopment of property.
  • November – APC resubmits a Request for Action to ACCP for their December meeting.


  • January – Presbytery Council hears report and request from ACCP regarding APC’s proposed redevelopment.
  • January – Members of the church who lived in the neighborhood seek to designate APC’s building as a historical site. At a hearing before the Arlington County Historic Affairs and Landmark Review Board (HALRB) vote against the designation, sparing us from being declared “historic” and restricting our redevelopment.
  • January Open Space Presentation at Presbytery meeting entitled, “Why we believe God is calling us to tear down our building and start over.”
  • February – ACCP rejects APC’s proposed plan but leaves the door open for us to return with a revised plan.
  • April – NCP’s consultant issues a Request for Proposal to APAH to consider fee simple sale. This takes the initial ground lease option off the table.
  • June APAH provides a revised Letter of Intent for Fee Simple Sale. This scenario and its implications are shared with the congregation.
  • June – October – Negotiations around revised Letter of Intent continue.
  • November – By a 2/3rds vote, the congregation approves the Letter of Intent for a Fee Simple Sale to APAH for $8.48M. Included is an option to lease retail space in the new development.
  • November – Leadership Council approved the Letter of Intent.
  • December – Finalized Purchase and Sale Agreement (PSA) delivered to National Capital Presbytery.


  • January – Vote to approve PSA at Presbytery meeting. Vote was approved resoundingly with no dissent. Commissioners gave us a standing ovation.
  • August – APAH’s completes it’s Feasibility Period and makes the first escrow deposit.
  • August – Session recommends the property be named Gilliam Place after former elder and member, Ronda A. Gilliam. This name recognizes the ongoing missional legacy of our congregation.
  • December – Arlington County Board meets to consider the proposed development. It is approved 6-0.


  • June – Final worship in sanctuary at 3507 Columbia Pike and first worship service at the Arlington United Methodist Church Chapel.
  • July – Pipe organ is gifted to Calvary Presbyterian Church and our pews go to a congregation in Sterling, VA.
  • July – The remaining unclaimed items in the church become part of a community Give-away day.
  • July – We complete the sale of the property to APAH. We also receive reimbursement for all of our development expenses, a total of $118,000.
  • August – We receive a new term sheet/Letter of Intent to lease retail space at Gilliam Place (new development)
  • November – We request an extension to our initial letter of intent to the end of December.
  • December – We intentionally let lapse the first right of refusal to lease space at Gilliam Place.


  • January – Sharon Core’s last Sunday as the Pastor of APC.
  • March – After walking the community, Our Moving Forward Team meets to discuss and discern purchasing the land behind Gilliam Place as garden/green space. APAH agrees to discuss land purchase.
  • April – The congregation unanimously approves a proposal to purchase land. This becomes part of a shared ministry plan that includes financial and congregational support of three ministries in the Alcova Heights community: La Cocina, VOICE, and ASPIRE!
  • May – NCP Leadership Council approves our request to use funds from the sale of our property to purchase the land.
  • June – We close on the purchase of the land for $700,000, and begin holding worship services in the new green space.
  • July – Our new garden space hosts the groundbreaking ceremony for Gilliam Place.
  • November – One of the stipulations of purchasing the land is that APC will be a presence in the Alcova Heights community.  A new Letter of Intent from APAH is offered for the lease of office and worship space in Gilliam Place.


  • January – We receive approval of the Shared Ministry Funding plan, including funding for VOICE, La Cocina, ASPIRE!
  • January – Our new Letter of Intent is signed to lease 3000-3500 sq. ft. Gilliam Place.
  • March – We sign a design contract with the Garrett Group to help us imagine our interior space at Gilliam Place.
  • May – Our Ministry Funding Plan is approved by Leadership Council of NCP with the funds for the plan coming from sales proceeds.
  • July – The congregation votes to extend a call to Rev. Ashley Goff to be the next pastor at APC.
  • August – October – We hold congregational visioning sessions to help determine how our new space will look and function.
  • November – Our Gilliam Place Lease is approved by the ACCP.
  • December – NCP’s Leadership Council approves the lease, the costs to build out space, and the relocation of our congregation.


  • January – National Capital Presbytery votes to approve relocation of congregation to Gilliam Place.
  • March – Our 10-year lease and construction contract to build out the space begins.
  • June – We receive a core and shell permit to begin construction on the retail space at Gilliam Place
  • September – APC moves into Gilliam Place.
  • November – APC holds its Grand Opening.